Hey GR, We’re Asking All of the Questions

Here we are, Grand Rapids

Hey GR, we’ve been on break the last couple of weeks. I’m sure you’ve noticed the world is just not the same right now – and as a website primarily focused on events and places to go… well, we found ourselves wondering, what now?? more than once.

But now, we’re coming out of the fog.

Sure, we still don’t know how long this stay-at-home order is going to last. Or how Grand Rapids will ultimately be affected. But we do know that the reason we started this website was to give voice to people in our town — and that purpose hasn’t changed at all. In fact, this is a great time for us to help bring people together. We’re going to start that conversation by asking a few questions we all want to know the answer to, but just aren’t comfortable posting publicly on Facebook.

Take Our Survey, then Pass it On

We aim to get a great cross section of people filling out this survey. Once you’re done taking it, send it on to your friends, family, and anyone else you know living in West Michigan.

We will publish responses and data from this survey. Don’t worry, we won’t include any identifying information. Please be as detailed as you’re comfortable with. All questions are optional.
(Survey Says: To get results emailed to you, sign up here. Otherwise, they’ll be posted next week on heygr.com)
Thank you for your participation!

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