Get Bendy at these 8 Unique Grand Rapids Yoga Studios

Stretch, Relax, Meditate and Get Strong With Yoga In Your Neighborhood

Yoga? Where? I’m THERE!

One of my favorite ways to destress, unwind, and get strong is with yoga. I spend so much time on a computer, driving a car, and hunched over whatever project I’m doing, that I often forget to stand up straight, stretch out and BREATHE.

Regular yoga classes remind me to center myself and take care of my body and mind. (And, I don’t hate that it burns off a few extra calories!)

These Grand Rapids yoga studios offer something for every experience level and interest, including different methods, instruction styles, and class sizes. Get down with traditional yoga or try a class with a more modern take – but whatever you do, get ready for some more zen in your life. 

8 Yoga Studios with the Best Shavasana for Every Personality

01: For that Hot, Humid, Ultra Bendy Experience

Where to find it: Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse

The Scoop: Formed in their Eastown location in 2010, Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse is just that-HOT. The rooms are kept at 95 degrees and can be warmer based on the number of people. This can be fabulous for our bitterly cold West Michigan winters, but I have found that even in the summertime the elevated temperature allows me more flexibility which lessens my chance of injury. Classes are geared toward functional movement and science rather than yogiac tradition. 

If you like getting your sweat on, hot yoga is for you! The power classes offer a good cardio workout, and the slow flow classes will still get your blood pumping and sweat flowing. A towel and water bottle are recommended along with your yoga mat. Funky Buddha has two Grand Rapids locations, and the newest downtown studio has showers and a refresh bar!

Multiple locations including Downtown GR, Eastown, Holland and Cascade

02: A Hip Mega-Calorie Burn

Where to find it: Twisted Hot Yoga

The Scoop: A not so traditional studio, Twisted Hot Yoga, has several class options to get you sweating with Vinyasa and slower paced classes without the heat and humidity. Also offered is a class called “Flex” with kickin’ tunes and hand weights for added strength and sculpting. If you like hot yoga, and want a huge calorie burn, this is the class to try.

Multiple locations including Knapp Corner, Caledonia and Grandville

03: A Well-Rounded Yoga Experience

Where to find it: Seva Yoga

The Scoop: In ancient India the word “seva” was believed to help one’s spiritual growth while contributing to the improvement of a community. Nestled in East Grand Rapids’ Gaslight Village, Seva Yoga is appropriately named as their purpose is to enrich lives through yoga, education and community.

Classes are offered at various times of day but my favorite may be  “Energy Shot” to re-energize you for the afternoon over your lunch hour. Try “Twilight” to help you unwind from the day. Seva Yoga also offers gentle yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, pre-natal and other specialized workshops throughout the year in their dedication to serving a variety of yoga needs in the community.

2213 Wealthy SE, Suite 210, East Grand Rapids, 49506

04: Welcoming and Easy on the Pocketbook Yoga

Where to find it: Hive Yoga

The Scoop: The Hive is a yoga and wellness studio located on the NW side of Grand Rapids. Lovingly founded by sisters in 2018, The Hive was created as a space to connect with community as well as self. This affordable and unique studio caps class size at 15, allowing for closeness between the instructor and participants.

“Morning Buzz” is a vinyasa style class designed to get you up and energized. If you’re more in the mood for a slow-flow class, try “Like Honey” that is described as having “juicy long pose holds.” What could be better?

1611 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids, 49544

05: Get Your Meditative Zen

Where to find it: AM Yoga

The Scoop: How can you not love a place that was “created to help you discover who you are by removing what you aren’t?” This is AM Yoga.

My friend, Kate, says one of her favorite yoga classes in town is “Power and Meditation” as the class begins with power flow yoga and ends with 25 minutes of guided breathing practices and meditation. An excellent way to destress and clear the mind.

555 4th Street, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, 49504

06: Grand Rapids’ First Original Studio for Everyman

Where to find it: The Yoga Studio

The Scoop: The Yoga Studio, has the distinction of being the first yoga establishment to open in Grand Rapids in 1979. With small class sizes, instructors lead and teach HOW to practice classical Hatha yoga. This supportive environment attracts newbies and experienced yogis alike with class offerings including Iyengar & Structural Yoga, Ashtara, and Yoga for Kids.

959 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids, 49506

07: Nourishing Yoga for the Body & Heart

Where to find it: Kula Yoga

The Scoop: Kula Yoga (“Kula” meaning “community of the heart”) offers a variety of classes in their Heartside neighborhood location. High intensity Buti yoga, Vinyasa, and Slow Flow are offered as well as Yoga Nidra, an extended form of guided meditation lingering between wakefulness and sleeping. Sounds to me like a great way to release body tension and examine the deepest levels of your mind in the new year.

715 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, 49503

08: The Classical and Contemporary Blend

Where to find it: Cascade Yoga Studio

The Scoop: Cascade Yoga Studio is the home for the ancient – yet progressive – practice of yoga. This more traditional style of studio has a hint of essential oils with extremely knowledgeable teachers. Classes are offered regularly for all levels of practice, with workshops and special events throughout the year.

The quiet, womb-like setting of the studio classrooms provides an atmosphere for nurturing, healing and growth. If you are looking for a more traditional studio to learn yoga fundamentals, this is a studio that leaves me feeling very “centered.”

5060 Cascade Road SE, Suite G lower level, Grand Rapids, 49546

Wait, There’s MORE! Additional Yoga Studios Around GR

Try these Grand Rapids yoga studios to give yourself that extra stretch:

Renew Mama Studio
5161 Northland Dr NE, Grand Rapids 49525
(616) 425-9642

Iyengar Yoga Center of Grand Rapids
327 Division Ave SW, Grand Rapids
(616) 915-1277

Hello Yoga
1760 44th Street SW, Wyoming 49519
(616) 608-6526

The Grand Rapids Yoga Company
Grassroots Studios
1119 Burton SE, Suite 300 & 400, Grand Rapids 49507

Flip Dog Yoga
1511 Plainfield Ave NE, Suite B, Grand Rapids 49505
(616) 540-3630

Expressions of Grace
5270 Northland Drive NE, Grand Rapids 49525
(616) 361-8680

From the Heart Yoga & Tai Chi Center
776 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids 49503

Yoga Fever
1154 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids 49506
(616) 805-3603

Not Sure Where to Start? Try a few Places with Different Vibes to Find Your Fave

Traditional yoga, rockin’ yoga with tunes, centering mindful practices, teacher trainings, kids classes and classes for newbies are all available in Grand Rapids.

Studios vary in their hours, prices, and class sizes, so it’s best to call or check websites before venturing out. Many studios offer accessible props but I normally like to have my own yoga mat, towel and water bottle.

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