The Grand Rapids Ugly Sweater Trail

Ugly Sweaters Unite!

You own it, now it’s time to wear it. Break out that Ugly Sweater and take it on the road, Grand Rapids.

Just that fact that you have an ugly sweater in your closet tells me that I’ll like you. You don’t take yourself too seriously and are up for fun.

There are Four Types of Ugly Sweater People. Which One are You?

If you’ve taken the time to embellish your sweater yourself, that’s next level and means you’re an insightful, creative type that isn’t afraid of a little extra attention and probably knows a good joke or two.

If your sweater has been in the family for generations you’re the kind of person we can trust to keep our secrets and you probably have a 23andMe subscription to help you chart the family tree. Thank you for being a keeper of our past.

If you found your sweater while thrifting we know that you care about (1) the earth (2) your budget and (3) being uniquely you. We’re going to have to watch out for you at these sweater competitions.

Did your sweater come off of the clearance rack at Kohl’s at the end of last season? You get a few points for caring – but if we catch you drinking Bud Light we’re going to have to talk.

Anhow, back to the ugly sweater trail…

Here are the Places to Sweater it Out this Year

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Let us know where you wore your sweater best, ok?

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