Not Your Mama’s Self Care: Try these GR Spas on for Size

We Know You Could Use Some Self-Care, So We Did Some Digging. Now You Have No Excuse But to Relax!

Hey, busy people of Grand Rapids.

I’m going to tell you what my least favorite question is. It’s not “Can you take on this new project?” (even though my schedule is already brimming over) or “Can you redo this?” (when I’d argue the work is already perfect as is.)

The question I’m over is Are you tired?”

Because I immediately think, “Oh, no! I must look like I’m dying.” (Of course I’m tired! Aren’t we ALL tired? I think I’ll be tired until forever. )

But even if your schedule doesn’t allow for, say, a healthy sleeping pattern, that doesn’t mean we have to look the part.

I’d say it’s time we all took advantage of a little local self-care, wouldn’t you? Let’s get the sleepers out of those peepers.

From Infrared and Hot Yoga to the Good Old Massage: Top Self-Care Spots in Grand Rapids

I’ll Take the Infared Sauna, Please

Move over old-school, steamy hot, unbearable sauna. Infared is here to up the game.

Whether you want to use an Infared Sauna for relaxation or weight loss, you’ve got options. (Weight loss from your sauna session will primarily be water weight, but there is evidence that the sauna can help increase your metabolic rate. Individual results will vary.)

What Is An Infrared Sauna?

An infared sauna uses infared (light) lamps to directly heat the body rather than warming up moist air like in a traditional sauna.

I’m Intrigued…

At Wanderlux Beauty and Wellness Spa (713 Wealthy St SE) you can get a $25 half-hour session that – wait for it – can be as effective as a workout.

A sauna session with chromotherapy (color therapy) can result in lowered blood pressure, weight loss, and pain relief. Not to mention – no one’s asking you to do jumping jacks in there.

A Different Kind of Nap

Another great option for chromotherapy is use of an “infrared sauna blanket,” like at Ionic Detox for Healthy Living Day Spa (2501 Plainfield Ave NE). The blanket is more like a sleeping bag you lay inside of. To be honest, it looks incredibly relaxing! It will give you all the benefits of a standard infrared sauna session. This treatment can help you burn 400-600 calories. While laying down? YES.

Warm & Zen

Grace & Wellness(2450 44th St SE) says their infrared temperatures can be as high as 120°F! I don’t know about you, but in the middle of a Michigan winter, this sounds pretty great. You can also listen to music while you take the treatment. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re on a tropical island!

Get Hands-On with your Self-Care: Try a Massage!

I love a massage for physically getting all of the stress from a day (or week or month) out of my body.

You Just Need 30 Minutes

At Urban Massage (1507 Plainfield Ave NE), you can choose from a variety of relaxation sessions starting at 30 minutes.  They also offer specialty services like deep-tissue and prenatal massages (get in there, mamas!). 

We’re Staying in Tonight

I have five words for you – a couples massage in your home. You and your partner could use a break. What could be better than not even leaving your home to do so?! The therapists at Simple Natural Massage GR (2050 Breton SE) can give you more information about home massages. They also have a beautiful office space in case you’d rather find a little oasis away from your usual environment.

For the Athletes

OK, I know you some of you are athletes (and probably dislike the “Are you tired?” question even more than I do). If you need a nice sports massage to soothe your muscles after working them out, you need to check out the experts at Recover Massage (1331 Lake Drive SE). Other specialty massages include Cranial Sacral (to help with neck and back pain) and Myofascial (to treat injuries and general discomfort).

Stretch it All the Way Out

I love yoga. It feels like a massage and a workout all in one! (Did you catch our special article about the unique places and ways to experience yoga in GR?)

Hot and Bendy

At Funky Buddha, they heat their yoga rooms to 95 degrees for optimal muscle movement. And again – in a Michigan winter – it feels pretty awesome. During AND after. Funky Buddha Yoga(1331 Lake Drive SE) offers a 30 day trial period for just $39. On the fence? This is a pretty great way to get started.


Here, you can partake in traditional yoga classes, tai chi for all levels, and meditation sessions. I think anyone with kids could stand to learn a few meditation techniques. From the Heart Yoga & Tai Chi Center (776 Leonard NE) really focuses on the mind-body connection and seeing these practices as the art forms they are. 

Sweat it Out

If you’re looking to get your sweat on in other ways, try Yoga Fever (1154 Wealthy Street SE). In addition to yoga, they offer barre, cycling, and a variety of classes focused on strength, recovery, flexibility, and cardio. They offer many classes from morning to evening, so you won’t have a problem fitting this into your schedule!


We’ve already highlighted the awesome infrared therapy at Grace & Wellness, but they also have one of the most unique yoga experiences I’ve heard about in GR – YoMassage! This is exactly what it sounds like — yoga + massage. I would absolutely get into an exercise class faster if I knew it doubled as a massage. Life’s all about efficiency, right? These classes meet on the first Saturday of each month, at 9:00 and 11:00 am. Be sure to book in advance – classes stay small so you get the one one one attention you deserve.

And Now for Something (Kinda) Different…

Floatation What??

Did you know we have a flotation studio (Phlot, at 1555 Wealthy St SE) right here in Grand Rapids?! If you’ve never been to one before, the concept is pretty simple (and quite self-explanatory) – you float. But, of course, there’s more to it than that! In a small pool with water and Epsom salt, you will float without having to think about it. You’ll hear nothing, see nothing, and allow yourself to really find a state of rest. With your senses quieted, your mind will be able to experience bliss and clarity like never before. Don’t go in with any expectations – just go in! 

Feeling Special

If your idea of relaxing is getting pampered so you look your best, look no further than Chasing Vanity Salon (150 Wealthy St SE or 435 La Grave Ave SE).

From skincare to hair to manis and pedis, they will get you feeling like the queen or king you are! I personally love the 20-minute “mani-on-the-move” because you just don’t always have forever to devote to your “me time.” 

So Many Choices

Drop into Lex Facial Bar (48 Logan St SW) for a huge menu of facials, a spray tan, a brow treatment, or much more. My favorite thing is “Happy Hour!” On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 3-7, you can get some amazing services at some even more amazing prices. Grab a buddy and get a $50 “Facial with a Friend.” Or treat yourself to a $25 CBD Paraffin Hand Treatment. Whatever you choose, you’ll leave feeling happier and softer than you were coming in.

What will you schedule for yourself?

We hope you find some self-care practices that work for you! Remember the old saying: you can’t pour from an empty well. Don’t let yourself dry out!

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